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5 Tips For Blending Ambition + Ease

energy high-performance mindset work + life blend Mar 02, 2021

REAL TALK: When you're as ambitious as you are, sometimes it can feel like a burden. It can feel heavy, lonely, exhausting . . . Believe me, I know.⁠

Burnout, overwhelm, scatteredness, frustration, etc all live in the "Ambition State" only.⁠

So what can you do? Blend your ambition with some ease, then those can no longer exist.

Instead of feeling those negative states, here are 5 tips for blending your ambition with ease:⁠

1️⃣ Determine your ambition window for each day.⁠

This is the time where you naturally feel the most ambitious or motivated. Also, note how many hours this window is. And lastly, make sure that this time is uninterrupted + you're able to fully focus.⁠

2️⃣ Split up your tasks into two categories: Ambition Tasks, Ease Tasks.⁠

Ambition Tasks are the ones that need your full attention, energy, + focus to complete. And Ease Tasks require less effort, less energy, less brainpower, and less presence. They are more like "flow" tasks. In doing this, you can reserve your ambition tasks for your peak ambition window each day that you discovered in #1. This prevents you from scheduling too much "ambition" time in a day.⁠

3️⃣ For everything you do, ask yourself: "How can I make this more simple? How can I make this easier for me?"⁠

Doing this will move *many* of your Ambition Tasks into your Ease Tasks.⁠

4️⃣ Make time every day for downtime AND to check in with yourself.⁠

Yes, every single day.⁠

5️⃣ Remember that in the end, there is nothing you *have* to do.⁠

It’s your life. Just breathe. It’s good to be motivated, but sometimes just taking the pressure off is the most effective way to accomplish a big goal.⁠

As always, this is going to look a little different for everyone. Find what works for you!⁠

Let me know which tip is your favorite over in my Instagram DMs.

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