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3 Mindsets To Develop For Massive Transformation

mindset Mar 02, 2021

Let's do a mindset deep dive!⁠
Mindset is everything. This is not new. You know the power your mindset has on yourself, your life, and your experience of the world.⁠

Today I'm giving you 3 mind*sets* to cultivate for massive transformation in your life:⁠

⚡️Abundance Mindset⚡️

To start out, let's talk about the opposite of abundance, which is scarcity.

Scarcity Mindset — This refers to seeing life as a finite pie so that if one person takes a big piece, that leaves less for everyone else.

Abundance Mindset — This refers to the belief that there is plenty out there for everybody, that this person has all they need, and more is always coming. This mindset is rooted in gratitude + presence giving you fulfillment + perspective.⁠

Here are 5 ways to shift from scarcity to abundance:

  1. Have More Appreciative Conversations
  2. Reduce Your Media Consumption
  3. Share What You Have With Others
  4. Look for Positives in Every Loss
  5. Keep a Daily or Weekly Gratitude Journal


⚡️Growth Mindset⚡️

The opposite of "growth" is fixed.

Fixed Mindset — This refers to the belief that basic qualities, like intelligence or talent, are simply fixed traits. That things are the way they are + there's no changing it.

Growth MindsetThis refers to the belief that talents + abilities can be developed through effort, good teaching, + persistence. Things can be different or better than they are. This mindset is rooted in opportunities + expansion giving you even more of what you *do* want.⁠

Here are 5 ways to shift from fixed to growth:

  1. View Challenges As Opportunities
  2. Treat All "Failure" As Feedback
  3. Celebrate Growth With Others
  4. Use "Not Yet" + "Yet" More Often
  5. Take Ownership Over Your Attitude


⚡️Self-Esteem Mindset⚡️

Self-esteem is the regard or respect that a person has for oneself. This mindset is rooted in self-love + "best self" identity giving you a sense of high self-efficacy + confidence.⁠

Now this one isn't so much about having an opposite but instead low + high.

Here are 5 ways to increase your self-esteem mindset:

  1. Learn To Accept Compliments
  2. Identify Your Competencies + Develop Them
  3. Master Alignment + Stay In It
  4. Eliminate Criticism + Introduce Compassion
  5. Affirm Your Real Worth - Internally.


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