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"I'm not ready."

mindset quick reminder Apr 13, 2021

Ready is a state that you can choose to access at any moment you want.

I said it + I'm not taking it back. 👀

Today, I am digging into the word "ready" + showing you how to become ready!

I hear this all the time... "I'm not ready." And guess what, that is totally ok! 🤭 I mean it. However, if you did want to be ready for something, you can be!

More times than not "I'm not ready" actually means something else, something below the surface:
☀️I don't have the money yet.
☀️I'm not willing to make the time commitment yet.
☀️I don't have confidence in myself yet.

(Side note: Did you notice how I put the word YET at the end of these sentences? 🤔 That's because it adds fluidity to that circumstance + reminds us that what we want is coming.)

Often times we confuse "READY" with a circumstance. But it's not, it's a feeling. And a "state" is *how* you feel.


This is actually incredibly empowering. It means that we are not a victim of our circumstances but instead can create the feelings we desire at any time by changing our state.


1️⃣ PSYCHOLOGY. Check in with your mind. What are the stories you are telling yourself? What do you need to believe in order to feel “ready”?
2️⃣ PHYSIOLOGY. Check in with your body. How does someone who is “READY” hold themselves?
3️⃣ PLACE. Check your environment. How do you need to shift your environment to feel “ready”?
4️⃣ PEOPLE. Who are you surrounding yourself with? Who does someone who is “READY” surround themselves with? What kind of support do they need?
5️⃣ PURPOSE. What is the purpose of being "READY"? How will it help you and others? What's "the why"?

So the question is, what are you “ready” to feel ready for? 🤷‍♀️ 

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