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The Best Goal Setting Process For Maximum Alignment

vision + goals Jan 08, 2021
Oh baby, be sure to save this post! I'm literally giving you 75% of my proprietary planning process right herrrrrrr 👇
NOTE: These exact steps can be ⁠done ⁠for any time period: quarterly, monthly, etc. It doesn't just have to be yearly. I actually do this by quarter with a looser plan for the year knowing that it almost always shifts in some way or another.⁠

STEP ONE — Priority Pillars

I determine what is important to me in life + business. I call these Priority Pillars. Things like Marriage, "Me", Finances, Home, Biz Impact, Biz Operations, etc. I write these out for life + business each with no more than 9 total as to not overwhelm.⁠
⚡️Ex. Body⁠

STEP TWO — Vision

⁠I create space to take a step back to dream.⁠ I think about my overall vision for life + my overall vision for my business. Tools I use for this are visualizations, meditations, journaling, etc. Then I think about my vision for each pillar.⁠
⚡️Ex. I want boundless energy to work towards my goals.⁠

STEP THREE⁠ — Desired State

⁠Once I have a good grasp on what I want, I narrow it down to one ultimate desired state or feeling for each pillar. This helps guide my strategy, my days, my decisions, + easily lets me know if I'm off track + gets me back on.⁠
⚡️Ex. Energized⁠
💫BONUS — Create a "why" around each one to create built-in motivation. Ask, what's the purpose of it?⁠
💫SPOILER — Desired states are things we can feel any time we want to. We can embody those immediately if we want to. We don't necessarily need to achieve something to get to that place.⁠

STEP FOUR⁠ — Goals + Outcomes

From there, I create what I want my goal or outcome to be for each pillar. Ideally, this is as tangible or measurable as possible but as long as you know whether you've achieved it or not, that's perfect.⁠
⚡️Ex. I want to be able to work on my dreams for 10+ hours a day, 6 days a week (if I want to) without losing energy or burning out.⁠

STEP FIVE — Tangible Strategy

Now I create the strategy + action plan. What is EVERYTHING that needs to happen in order to accomplish that goal or achieve that outcome? Projects, actions, habits, reminders, etc. List it all out + then go through + keep only the *essentials*.
⚡️Ex. Drink 125oz+ of water each day, limit carbs + alcohol Sun - Fri, stick to a non-toxic lifestyle, move my body for a minimum of 20min each day, etc.

STEP SIX — Implement + Integrate

⁠Once I have my tangible strategy + action plan, I put everything into my personalized follow-up plan. This is what helps me stay connected to my grand vision, my why, and what needs to happen each + every day, week, month to achieve those goals.
⚡️ Ex. ClickUp, Alarm App, Google Calendar, Flow Routines, Notecard Method, etc.
I know this looks like a huge process but it really doesn't take all that long. If you have any questions about these steps or what these things are, PLEASE shoot me over a DM, I would be happy to voice chat about it!
Remember these two very important things:
1️⃣ Keep it simple!
2️⃣ Find a process that works for YOU.
Let me know in the DMs if it would be helpful to create a post on the best way to plan your year for your Enneagram type! 😲🙋‍♀️
You guys know I'll create whatever you want 😉

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