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The #1 Thing People Forget When Goal Setting

best self vision + goals Jan 06, 2021

The last few weeks I've talked a lot about reflection, planning, + goal setting with a heavy focus on what you want to DO + FEEL, but there's one big thing that's been missing...

BE — Who do you want to be? 🤯

I call this "identity". It's who you are. It's a compilation of your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, actions, habits, skills, routines, etc.

Who we are + how we move through the world is everything. A limiting belief is that "we are the way we are" but in fact, we actually get to choose. 😲 We all have natural tendencies + strengths, but most of us, we can choose to expand + shift! It's truly incredible.

This time of the year is a great time to evaluate who we are now + who we want to step into. So... I'm giving you three simple steps for becoming that next level version of you.



→ What does your best self think, believe, value... what habits, routines, skills, or actions do they take? How does your best self interact with others?

→ One of the best ways to do this is to journal it out!

BONUS TIP: Think about those big goals you set for yourself this year. What type of person achieves those goals with ease, excellence, + enjoyment? Who do you need to become in order to make those things happen? Ex. How does a person who *builds a million-dollar company* spend their time? What belief systems do they hold?


→ Get clear on who you are at this second in relation to who you want to become (Step 1).

→ What needs to shift? What thoughts, belief patterns, habits, + skills an upgrade? How will you go about implementing this?


→ Be that person today, right now. Act as if you are that person today + guess what, you will, in fact, be that person today.

→ Anytime you go to make a decision, take action, think a certain thing, etc, ask yourself, "What would my best self do?".

→ Embody that BEST SELF ENERGY (BSE). Bring that BSE into 2021. Your version of it!

BONUS TIP 2: And if you really want to take things up a notch. Name your best self. For me, this is Taylor 2.0. The newest version, latest edition, next level of me. So when I'm feeling incongruent, I can ask myself, am I acting as Taylor or Taylor 2.0?

Remember this is a grace + forgiveness zone. The more love you pour into the process the more amazing it will be. 🥰

And by the way, you're already a next-level version of past you, you just didn't recognize it's official "promotion", so no need to put on the pressure. 😉

Always do what works for you + what is in alignment for you.

Now, let me ask you this, who do you want to BE in 2021? Bonus points if you DM me on Instagram + share the name of your next level version! I wanna hear it! 🙂

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